Councillors’ Responsibilities


Admin & organisation Parish clerk’s employment
Councillors’ duties
Press liaison
Cllrs Thomas & Endicott


Responsible Finance Officer
Finance policy
Internal audit
Parish Clerk
Cllr Thomas & Parish Clerk
Mr Michael Cosby
Communication Parish Web site
Yealmpton Press
Cllr Barton
Cllr Barton
Assisted by Cllr Cooper
Planning Committee Planning applications Cllr Endicott Chair plus Cllrs Craddock, Cooper & Healy
Speedwatch / signs
DCC Highways Liaison Cllrs Healy & Tucker
Emergency Planning
& Environment
 Cllrs Tucker & Hyrdzuiszka
Assisted by Dr Linda Durman
Works Repairs & maintenance
Grass cutting
Christmas decorations
Cllrs Craddock & Butters
Public Footpaths P3 Co-ordination Cllr Barton assisted by Dr Justin Robbins
Outside Bodies Yealm Estuary Management
Dementia Friendly Villages
Yealmpton Community Assoc
Yealm Harbour Authority
Elize Hele & John Lanyon Trust
Grants To help local students with further education for those who qualify
Cllr Endicott (Cllr Cooper as required)
Cllr Hyrdzuiszka
Cllr Barton
Cllr Endicott (Cllr Cooper as required)
Cllr Thomas
Cllr Endicott as Trustee only