Councillors’ Responsibilities

Admin & OrganisationParish clerk's employment
Councillors' duties
Cllrs Craddock & Endicott
Press LiaisonCllr Craddock
FinanceResponsible Finance Officer
Finance Policy
Internal Audit
Parish Clerk
Parish Clerk
Mr Michael Cosby
CommunicationParish website
Yealmpton Press
Facebook etc
Cllr Barton
and Cllr Thomas
Planning Sub CommitteePlanning applicationsCllr Endicott (Chair) & Cllrs Craddock, Tucker, Thomas and Baldry
Christmas DecorationsTrees, lights etcCllr Thomas
Roads and pavementsCllrs Tucker and Baldry
Speed signsManagement of 3 signs and dataCllr Mackay
EnvironmentCllr Hopkins
Emergency PlanCllr Durman
Grass cuttingSHDC liaisonCllr Hopkins
Works Repairs & Maintenance of assetsCllr Craddock
Public FootpathsP3 Co-ordinationCllr Barton
Outside BodiesYealm Estuary Management
Dementia Friendly Parishes
Yealmpton Community Assoc
Elize Hele & John Lanyon Trust
Yealm Harbour Authority
Yealm Community Energy
Five Parish Alliance
Cllr Endicott
Patrick Healy
Cllr Durman
Cllr Barton
Cllr Endicott as Trustee only
Cllr Endicott
Cllr Hopkins
Cllr Hopkins
Patrick Healy